Premises Liability Law

When you walk into a commercially owned building, another’s home, or into your own apartment building, you expect that the premises are safe and secure. If there were a dangerous condition, you would expect to be warned. Far too often, however, that is not the case.

Premises liability law protects individuals who have suffered a serious injury because of known dangerous conditions on commercial or residential property. At Oldham & Smith, our attorneys are committed to helping clients maximize compensation for serious injuries caused by negligent maintenance.

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Have you been injured while on someone else’s property?

Property owners have a responsibility to reasonably maintain their premises free from hazards and defects that could cause harm to others who could reasonably be expected to enter the premises. This includes the responsibility to protect you from crimes the owner knows may occur on his property based on their continued and repeated occurrence in the past. If you have been injured, it is important to begin an immediate investigation to collect and preserve all necessary evidence for your claim. We will consult with witnesses, work with experts, take photographs, and collect all necessary documentation of your injury.

Premises liability includes a variety of claims:

  • Slip and fall- including spills and foreign substances on floors, icy sidewalks, and poorly-maintained parking lots
  • Trip and fall- including items left in aisles, hallways, and staircases
  • Negligent security- including assaults in shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes, hotel security, and parking lots
  • Swimming pools- injuries to children
  • Holes, ditches, and trenches
  • Construction accidents
  • Bar security/bar fights
  • Stairwells in disrepair
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Farm Accidents

Experienced advocacy, counsel you can trust

If you have been injured or assaulted in a dangerous premise, call us for a confidential appointment to see how we can help you recover full compensation. You can trust that our attorneys will give you an honest evaluation and tell you clearly what your legal options are.

We do not charge an attorney fee for personally consulting with you about your injury case. If retained, we will seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical and special needs. Do not accept a settlement offer without consulting with an attorney who can fully and accurately evaluate your damages and losses.

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