Florida & Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys A vast amount of America has fallen in love with the thrill and adrenaline rush of riding motorcycles. Whether it’s for pleasure, or as a main source of transportation, there are millions of motorcyclists on the road every day. We are here to ensure you know the proper steps… Read More

Motorcyclists may enjoy increased maneuverability, but motorcycles lack the crashworthy build of a larger motor vehicle.   Helmets can help compensate for a motorcyclist’s exposure by mitigating some forces on the motorcyclist’s head. If another party causes a motorcyclist without a helmet to crash and sustain head injuries, can the party escape blame by pointing to… Read More

If other people injure you, they may be liable for your injury– that is, required by law to pay for damages related to your injury.  But what happens if a dog injures you? The dog cannot pay a medical bill, so who will? In Florida, the answer is often, but not always, the owner.  In… Read More

Florida law defines a golf cart as “a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and that is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour.”  Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular outside of their traditional athletic setting, such as in retirement… Read More

The 22-year-old rider may have been speeding when he collided with a large truck attempting a left turn against traffic.   Jeon Acevedo was riding northbound on Orange Avenue when he hit a semi-truck that was turning into a business on Martin Brower Road. Even though he was wearing a helmet, Mr. Acevedo died almost… Read More

Charges may be forthcoming in a high-speed car crash that killed two people and seriously injured three others.   The accident occurred on Westchester Avenue at Orange Avenue. According to police witnesses, a vehicle traveling westbound on Westchester “at a high rate of speed” collided with the victims’ car while it was at the intersection.… Read More

Several men got into an argument on the store’s premises, and the confrontation ended with shots being fired.   The argument apparently spilled over into the parking lot of the Family Dollar on South Poinciana. According to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting began as the men got into their vehicles. One man was… Read More

In November 2017 case that has tremendous implications for victims in Florida, a federal jury awarded $247 million in damages to six people who received defective Pinnacle hip implants.   Jurors agreed that the victims suffered serious injuries from the defectively designed implants, including bone erosion and tissue death. Additionally, the victims claimed that DePuy… Read More

Authorities charged 21-year-old Tanasia Shelton with two counts of DUI manslaughter for her role in a June alcohol-related car crash.   Investigators say that Ms. Shelton’s BAC level was well above the legal limit when she drifted onto the wrong side of the road in her Jeep, hitting another vehicle head-on. The other driver, 28-year-old… Read More

  In Florida car crash cases, it’s very important to have an aggressive personal injury attorney in your corner, because your lawyer is committed to maximum compensation. On the other hand, insurance company lawyers want to minimize the compensation victims receive, because the company makes money by maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.   To accomplish… Read More