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Florida has a perfect climate for golfers and is a haven for living communities where golf carts are a regular mode of transportation. Although golf carts can be considered a recreational vehicle, they still require a standard level of care during operation. If a driver is negligent, an accident could result in serious injury to passengers, pedestrians, and other bystanders. At Oldham & Smith, we are experienced in representing clients who have been injured while in a golf cart or as a result of golf cart driver negligence.

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Protect your rights after a golf cart accident or injury

We will begin an immediate investigation to identify all parties responsible, such as government agencies or their contractors guilty of negligent road maintenance, reckless drivers, underage golf cart drivers, and drunk drivers. As your attorneys, we will keep you fully informed about your case at all times. We will be with you every step of the way until your case is resolved.

For most clients, recovering compensation for medical care is primary. We understand that a serious injury could leave you or a loved one unable to work, attend to support your family, or even able to manage day-to-day tasks. When your family is affected by a serious accident or injury, you can trust that our attorneys will pursue every available avenue of recovery for you, to help you rebuild your life.

We are experienced in golf cart accidents involving:

Do Not Settle – Consult with an Experienced Injury Attorney

Attorneys from our firm have handled thousands of personal injury claims and have taken hundreds of cases to court. While we will work to achieve a fair and swift settlement on your behalf, we are also prepared to take any case to trial when necessary. We are skilled attorneys, committed to defending your rights and interests after an accident or injury. Do not settle your claim without first consulting with an experienced firm. We will make sure your claim is properly evaluated before dealing with the insurance company.

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