Embarking on the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit is a big commitment – before you do it, you surely want to learn as much as you can about the process, what your chances of success are, and how much you can recover in compensation. While considering the villages personal injury lawyer, Oldham Smith… Read More

Each state has autonomy in determining the laws surrounding fault and liability in the event of a car accident involving two or more drivers. Most states have enacted either a fault or a no-fault system (some states have created a blended system, using “choice” at-fault laws). Consider the difference between an at-fault and a no-fault… Read More

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Personal injury lawsuits are all about finding the person whose negligence caused your injuries and making sure they compensate you. Succeeding in a personal injury lawsuit, however, is hard work. To win, you have to show four things: The person who hurt you had a legal duty to care for your well-being; That person breached… Read More

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All medical patients deserve competent medical treatment. When you step into a hospital, a clinic or a doctor’s private practice, you have the reasonable expectation that your condition will be diagnosed with prudence. A proper diagnosis is critical, an incorrect diagnosis can cause tremendous harm and even cost lives. According to the BMJ Quality and… Read More

Following an injury or operation, physicians often prescribe patients opiate painkillers like oxycodone, methadone, and hydrocodone. This category of painkillers is highly effective, enabling patients to recover with minimal pain and hopefully, help them get back to work and their everyday lives faster. However, these medications come with a major side effect: addiction. Opioid addiction… Read More